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A Letter From Nazli

Founder of POP and
Partner of The Six Pack Revolution UAE

In 2020, my husband Henry and came across The Six Pack Revolution. A friend in the UK had posted his remarkable results, leaving us in awe. We decided to join the September 2020 wave, not really knowing what to expect. After gaining a lot of weight with two close pregnancies, I thought I’d never see my abs again. Fast forward 75 days later, and for the first time after having two kids, I was wearing a bikini and had visible abs! This programme got us into the best shapes of our lives and transformed us physically and mentally. We were on top of the world and knew this life-changing experience was special. Something had changed in our mindset, and we knew this wasn’t temporary. This was a sustainable new lifestyle.

Following our transformations, many friends wanted to join the next wave. However, some were concerned about the time and effort required to prepare six dishes a day. Fuelled by my passion for sharing the magic of The Six Pack Revolution, I decided to set up an SPR meal plan company. After pitching the idea to Scott Harrison, the founder of The Six Pack Revolution, he was in, and it was game on.

In January 2021, I started POP, a Dubai business supporting local participants of The Six Pack Revolution through delivered meal plans. With hired Chefs, we originally adopted a “zero waste” mindset, delivering every dish in reusable glass containers. Regrettably, this lasted only 3 months as it was not manageable with a growing customer base. As our operations expanded, we relocated to a cloud kitchen in JLT, full of aspirations. However, 5 months later we had to move into a more spacious kitchen again, and started to expand our A-Team.

Undoubtedly, it has been a fulfilling journey to date watching our participants transform into the best versions of themselves. Thank you to all our customers for trusting us to support you on your journey, and I welcome all those embarking on this life-changing 75 days programme. Get ready to witness remarkable changes within yourself, trust the process and embrace the experience. Welcome to The Six Pack Revolution UAE!


Love & Health

Nazli x

Don't take our word for it.
Let's hear from our UAE customers.

Amazing experience with Nazli and POP team. The SPR meal plan was really enjoyable, tasty, diverse, and ticked all the boxes. Packaging and delivery made it very easy for me not to worry about freshness or my logistics. POP team was always following up with me during the program and accommodating my comments. It’s definitely an experience to remember and to repeat again soon. The icing on the cake; although there was no icing or no cake in the meal (pun intended); was that I achieved my weight loss goal and maintained a healthier leaner body.

Mohammad RagaeyDubai, UAE

SPR was a transformational program for me, and those who are ready to commit to a holistic approach for how we care our bodies. You learn moderation and what truly fuels our bodies and boosts our systems. It also gave me practical guides for exercise and food prep that have supported me well beyond the 75 days, and I still use now off the program. Nazli and POP were wonderful at supporting those of us in Dubai, building a community and encouraging us to cross the finish line together! If your mind is ready for a revolution – this program will see you to amazing results.

Lisa Lynn PereraDubai, UAE

When I did a wave POP was such a big blessing! The meals are excellent and such a variety and just make doing the wave so much easier! Nazli and her team are superstars with the service. Always ready to help and super responsive. I still order my shakes post wave and so happy with POP. Thank you Nazli for this gem.

MinoshkaDubai, UAE

POP Team, thank you so much for the amazing service throughout my training programme. It was so convenient to be able to have the food for the whole programme delivered to my door, with such a great menu selection. The food was always so fresh and and on point, this really was a major player in the success of my fitness journey and honestly saved me so much time that I didn’t have for food prep! Thanks again and look forward to the next wave!

Adrian MofakhamDubai, UAE

I went on the SPR programme and meal plan because I wanted to loose weight, sleep better and be active. The program gives you all of that. The meal plan was very nice and had some amazing varieties. The smoothies were my favourite. The meals are also quite filling – didn’t feel hungry the 75 days. I felt some energy drops during the programme but apparently that’s normal because of the change in lifestyle.

Alia GamilDubai, UAE

POP has helped me incredibly to follow the SPR program. Tasty, healthy, SPR approved meals delivered everyday, and I don’t have to worry about going to kitchen. Tailored diet fresh meals made the fitness journey much easier. Thank you POP!

Anu GulatiDubai, UAE

In recent years I suffered with pain in my ankle and a neck disc injury. I also suffer from high cholesterol and was advised by doctors to make major lifestyle changes. I signed up to SPR and POP and can honestly say if it wasn’t for the support of POP, I don’t think I would have stuck to the plan for 75 days. POP was very accommodating and flexible and provided quality meals, excellent customer service and attention to detail. The results I achieved were amazing. I lost 10kg and reduced inflammation in my body that was causing aches and pains. I also recorded my lowest levels of cholesterol over the past 10 years. SPR has now become a way of life.

Asif KhanDubai, UAE

POP has been a life changer for me with the SPR program. The meals were on point the exercises were effective. I strongly suggest everyone to sign up for POP as the meal plans are just perfect to achieve your goals.

Azeez Al-Razzaki

POP has been providing excellent service. Their food is simply divine and something to look forward to. Nazli has been a great mentor and goes out of her way to help all in the program. It’s not just the food, it’s the love in the program that helps everyone achieve their Goals.

Christabelle Miranda

Absolutely enjoyed the SPR program – it was easy to follow and the team was always available to guide everyone. The POP meal plan helped keep me on track with the program (especially since I can get lazy in the kitchen). The meals were always on time, well packed and tasty. Defo would recommend.

Farah Mehdi

The Six Pack Revolution is an amazing life changing meal plan and exercise programme. If you stick to the programme it is impossible NOT to alter your body shape. The exercises are simple to follow and don’t take a lot of your time to complete. They have some delicious shakes and the chocolate oats are amazing! You eat six times a day so you don’t feel hungry and can satisfy the evening hunger with a shake. Stick to the rules and you won’t believe how much your body can change! If you struggle with prep time, the POP team can prepare all of the food and deliver with all portion controlled sizes. What are you waiting for?

Joanna Nichol

The food plan with POP as part of The Six Pack Revolution, isn’t just another convenient meal plan available in Dubai, it’s an opportunity to be part of an online family vested in your success to make life altering changes to your lifestyle, health and well-being. POP took all the stress away from the food planning aspect, which can be the most daunting part of the plan. Knowing that the fresh and delicious food being delivered daily was all on plan and within my allowance was one less thing for me to worry about, enabling me to concentrate on my exercise regime and well-being. Nazli and the team really care about what they do and deliver it with top quality customer service! There are substantial food choices throughout the duration of the plan, enabling sticking to the nutrition guidelines not only possible but enjoyable, especially when you start to see the excellent results the plan delivers. For anyone hesitating, don’t! Jump in and give this programme your all. With the support of POP you won’t regret it!

Kate North

Thanks POP for making our SPR challenge so simple! Delicious, healthy food delivered to your door. The process was easy and efficient and I would have no hesitation on recommending this company to anyone taking park in The Six Pack Revolution. Make your life easier with POP Service with a smile.

Kelly Ambrose

The meal plan with POP is unlike any other meal service I’ve tried in Dubai (and believe me, I’ve tried almost all of them!) the food actually tastes good and you don’t feel like it’s “diet food” at all, it truly is amazing! You get an incredible variety of options each day. Getting the food portion right on SPR is 80% of the work, so being on POP while doing SPR I saw results much faster than when I took care of the food portion on my own. My last wave on SPR I was in the middle of packing up my life to leave Dubai, and if it wasn’t for POP, I would have crashed and burned. Believe me when i tell you, that last wave I was on, I saw some of my personal best results and numbers. I’m super grateful and I can only WISH we had a POP in Chicago. Thank you Nazli and team POP. A company is only as good as it’s employees and Nazli and her team are phenomenal. If you’re looking for good, clean, healthy food that is guaranteed to show you amazing results, then look no further.

Lana Abu-Shaheen

First let me tell you everything The Six Pack Revolution doesn’t tell you to do. It won’t tell you to cut carbs. It won’t tell you to weigh your food. It won’t tell you to count your calories. It won’t tell you to starve or fast half the day. It won’t tell you to exercise for an hour everyday. And which is why it worked for me! It is all about Balance. Nutrition. Mindset. This program is unlike anything I have ever done before. I never ate so much (delicious) food on a plan! I learned so much, fixed my toxic relationship with food, fixed my mindset, got stronger, learnt not to focus on my weight and so much more! Try it, it is life changing.

Nawrin Ela Huq

POP’s meal plan and the SPR programme is a genuine game changer. Not only did I see rapid results, but it embeds a new way of thinking about fueling your body all along with tasty, enjoyable recipes which is a must for any sustainable plan! The exercise element was fun, simply, hard work at times, but paid dividends and keeps you held accountable throughout. I highly, highly recommend it.

Rich Rust

Joining the SPR program was life changing for me, the program is easy to follow and you have the support of your coaches as well as your team members. Receiving my food from POP made my SPR journey even more rewarding, time saving and healthy. You are guaranteed to get fresh meals delivered to your door. You are able to choose your meals and enjoy without any hassles, on the go and even take it with you on holiday. Best decision I have made. Thank you to Scott Harrison and the SPR team, especially Nazli and POP, for making it so seamless for me.

Seshni Jooma

I did SPR last May and it was a game changer for me. I had just come off a bad bout of Covid and it really helped with getting my strength back and getting me started on my fitness journey again. Also Nazli is the best personal cheerleader anyone will ever have! POP made following the meal plan a no brainer and Nazli is meticulous about the quality of food and personal care.

Wafa Saifi

I love the food and the program, it changed my life and my eating habits. I lost more than 20 kg in 75 days. This was one of a kind plan for me, you will see the results in less than 30 days without having to starve and spend hours at the gym.

Youssif Karim

Nazli is my inspirational queen. As soon as I saw her success and how enthusiastic she was about the plan, I just wanted to try it! The meal plan was so convenient which made it easy to stay on track and it was also tasty – the Quinola is a favorite! I did the plan with my husband and within a few weeks we were both sleeping better, feeling less lethargic and just had bags of energy! The abs popping was just another great benefit

Zoe Brooks