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The Six Pack Revolution!

Please add these important dates to your calendar…

Please follow the steps below to ensure you are ready…

Step #1

Make sure you have your battle ropes!

You will need a 9 metre 38mm Battle Rope.

Please ensure you order your rope well in advance so that you have it before we start!

Step #2

Please download the audiobook

We recommend that you start listening to The Secret straight away, even if you have read it or listened to it before! If you are new to Audible you can get your first book free.

Start listening to ‘The Secret (unabridged) by Rhonda Byrne’ Now

Step #3

Please download the following app

‘Map My Run’ – We will use this app for our running challenges.

If you are already using another app then it’s fine to stick with the one you have.

Click the icon below to go to your app store

Xtreme Participants

A dumbbell and barbell set with 30-50kg of weight plates that you can add and remove would be advantageous

If you have a bench that has an adjustable seat incline too that would be utopia but not compulsory

Final Step

Please make sure that you have Whitelisted our email address in your preferred email client. These emails are important and you do not want them to be lost in your Junk/Spam folder. If you are unsure hit the button below

Email Instructions